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Imam Reza

Imam Reza (A.S)


Musa Al-Reza
Abul Hassan
Thursday, 11th of Dhul-Qa’dah 148 A.H. Medina
Father’s Name
Musa Ibin Ja’far
Mother’s Name
Ummul Baneen Najma
In Mashhad, Iran


At the age of 55 years, in Mashhad,
Khorasan, 17th of Safar 203 A.H.
poisoned by Ma’moon, the Abbasie Caliph.


Imam Reza was born on Zulqadih 11, 148 A.H. His father was the seventh Imam and his mother was a very virtuous lady called Najmeh. He was called “ Ali” after his grandfather’s name. According to the history, there were other nicknames for him too. Among them the most noticeable ones are “Abol-Hasan”, “Reza”, “Sabir”, “Razi”, and “Fazil”. When he was 35, Imam Kazim (his father) became martyr and then he took the control of the Muslims’ affairs. The period of his Imamate was about 20 years and it was along the three kings of Abbasid dynasty. “Harroon” and his two sons “Amin” and “ma’moon” who were the most influential kings of this era. Their political policies were full of tyranny and deceits. They followed this policy while facing Prophet’s family and Shi’ites to prevent the potential rebels of the believers of the innocent Imams, against them. Adhering to this policy, they respect Imam Reza a lot. They handed over the garden of “Fadak”, the Shi’ites were granted highly, valued status. However; Imam was totally aware that it was nothing but a trick and the reason was that his followers were controlled. Imam Reza spent the most of his life in Medina and a great deal of attention was paid to him by the Muslims. “Abu Saraya” Rising was formed under the shadow of Imam’s guidance aimed at the overthrow of the Abasid and enforcing of Imam Ali’s progeny. Adhering to their tricky policy the Abasids could suppress that revolt. However; his followers had been identified for many years as the followers of Imam Ali’s progeny and the enemies of the Abasids in Mecca, Yemen, and Basra. This public attention and the other movements directed by Imam Reza and Alavians (the followers of Imam Ali) made Ma’moon to arrange a plot. This would mean that he forced Imam Reza to move from Medina to Khorasan so that he could observe him closely, besides he could disintegrate the Shi’ites. Being an obligatory invitation and no desirable at all, Imam left for Cufah and Basra. However; he was stopped by the Abasid Caliph and the next destinations had to be Basrah, Ahwas and Fars. Imam Reza went to Khorasan in 201 (AH). He was welcomed dearly in accordance with Ma’moon’s command, in Marv. At the beginning it appeared that Imam was going to be appointed as the Caliph. Having rejected the idea, Imam was threatened to accept Ma’moon’s heir presumptive. Imam Reza’s life, which was after the scientific movement of Imam Baqir and Imam Sadiq, was the age of the Islamic scientific progress. The spirit of the Islamic school of thought was well known every where. However; Imam Reza was the most outstanding scientist ever existed in that era. There have been historical documents, which are indicative of many scientific discussions between Imam Reza and the great religious figures of that era. On his birthday, we pray to God that this honorable Imam whose shrine is our sanctuary in this world would set the things so that our sins would be forgiven.




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